Mixed-Amateur Top Teacher Requirements

Rules for Mixed-Amateur Top Teacher:

  • There is no entry fee for Mixed-Amateur Top Teacher.
  • This is a unisex competition.
  • Teachers must have a minimum of 50 points to be eligible for mixed-amateur top teacher awards.
  • Adult mixed-amateur entries are worth 1 point.
  • Junior mixed-amateur entries are worth 1/2 point.
  • If a teacher does not have the minimum points required for the placement they earned, they will receive the placement for which they qualified.


MIXED AMATEUR (TEACHER- STUDENT) Adult – 1 or 2 Dance Entries
1st Place 8 points
2nd Place 7 points
3rd Place 6 points
4th Place 5 points
5th Place 4 points
6th Place 3 points
7th Place 2 points
8th Place 1 point
Recall 4 points
Uncontested 8 points


MIXED AMATEUR (TEACHER- STUDENT) – 3 or 4 or 5 Dance Entries
1st Place 20 points
2nd Place 15 points
3rd Place 10 points
4th Place 8 points
5th Place 6 points
6th Place 4 points
7th Place 2 points
8th Place 2 points
Recall 5 points
Uncontested 20 points